NFIB PAC endorses Cox for governor

The political action committee of the National Federation of Independent Business has endorsed Spencer Cox for governor.

“Small businesses are very fortunate to have a candidate like Spencer Cox running for the state’s top job,” said Candace Daly, Utah state director for NFIB, speaking for the NFIB UT PAC, which made the endorsement. “He has the type of experience every state would benefit from having in all its candidates: the political know-how to get things done from his experience as a city councilman, mayor, county commissioner, state representative, and lieutenant governor. But what made the endorsement clincher for us was his experience running a business and, commendably, saving hundreds of jobs at his family-owned CentraCom while other businesses were slashing employment during the last recession. That more than says a lot, it says everything.”

NFIB UT PAC’s endorsement was based on prior votes in the state legislature and the answer to a candidate questionnaire.

“Opponent Chris Peterson touts his legal and public service experience in consumer protection, which is certainly admirable, but at no time in our state’s history have we needed a governor more whose top priority will be getting small businesses up and running and solvent again, and Spencer Cox’s experience for that stands in remarkable contrast to Peterson’s,” said Daly.

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