Introducing the Salt Lake Chamber Professional Development Program

The Salt Lake Chamber is thrilled to introduce our new professional development program aimed at improving your business and your bottom line by providing skills training needed in business today.


The Chamber’s Business Essentials program is a series of seminars, roundtables, panel discussions and training sessions designed to help businesses, including Salt Lake Chamber members, to enhance their professional and personal skill sets, as well as operate smarter and more efficiently.


  • Trainings offered at a variety of levels

  • Online training from your home or office

  • Variety of times to meet your schedule

  • Available to all of your employees

  • Reasonable cost

  • Variety of topics and presenters

We aim to provide our members with varying degrees of training–from beginner courses to presentations that dive deep into a topic and target business professionals with specific skill sets or expertise. Here’s a chart breaking down topics Business Essentials will cover.

To learn more about the program, visit