Reader perspectives: Won’t vote for either Trump or Biden? Some advice

Note: In Tuesday’s newsletter I wrote that my wife, Jan, will not vote for Trump, but also doesn’t want to vote for Biden. I received a number of thoughtful responses worthy of sharing.  -LaVarr 

Holly Handy. Thank you for including your thoughts on you wife and her refusal to vote for Trump. I echo her stance exactly. I cannot vote for Trump. I did not vote for him four years ago, just left it blank, and am planning on doing that again because I can’t bring myself to vote for Biden either. Is this the best America can do?  Both parties desperately need good candidates to step up to the plate. Only then can we restore dignity to the process and the office.

As the wife of a local politician, I have seen first hand how ugly the political arena can get and understand the hesitation many have to jump in and run for office. But, thankfully, we have it better here in Utah than what we see nationally although I’m glad I don’t  live in the 4th district.

Always enjoy your insights.

Bob Steiner. I think you could say a few things to make it easier for your wife to vote for Joe Biden. Comfort her with the fact that he has never been as left as Speaker Pelosi (CA), or Chuck Schumer (NY), and never close to AOC, Sen. Warren, or Sen. Sanders. These people have good ideas which test and validate the generally centrist ideas of Joe Biden. Biden wants to reclaim the center in order to unify the country. He isn’t going to do anything crazy and lose the support of centrists from either party.

He will do more for people who work with physical labor than for hedge fund lords. He will try to unify and he will do that from the center. He will not let one set of true believers extirpate another. He will, however, denounce racists and Nazis.

Biden has shown his character by overcoming shattering personal loss. Through these trials he continued to do his job. I believe he has wisdom, he is grounded in Judeo-Christian morality, and his ambition is only to serve.

He will raise taxes on people making over $400,000. Is that a problem for a true citizen?

He will reinvigorate the Atlantic alliance which has successfully defended peace, freedom and human dignity better than in all prior history. He will put Russia in check. He will require China to observe human rights as a ticket to join in world leadership.

Biden will not tear children from their parents on the American border.

I think that the very good people of Utah can vote for Biden, who is good. The people of this state supported Franklin Roosevelt. They can support Joe Biden too, and feel very good about it.

Keep those chickens fat and happy.

Larry Masco. In regard to your wife’s stance….I am much like her.

For over 100 years it has been an attribute in our family (maternal side) that we vote our conscience. Conscience first, then Principles, then Country. A vote according to conscience is never wasted.

My great grandfathers (maternal and parental side…they were neighbors) ran as independents about 100 years ago for county offices in a small southern Colorado county. They were elected because they put principles before partisanship.

That is now being passed on to my children..making that the 5th generation. We feel that when we vote according to our conscience it is liberating. I suggest reading this article…from David French.  The Blessing of Political Homelessness.

While so many are madly paddling in the stream of whichever drift they find themselves in… see the alternatives of quietly paddling along without the tugs of emotion is liberating and soothing.

Clark Larsen. I certainly get it where your wife is coming from.  That was me in 2016.  On the other hand I now have the benefit of Trump’s nearly four years in office to get past his silly attention-seeking rhetoric, and see him as a president who reduces taxes, reduces stupid regulations, stands up to foreign governments, supports our military and police heroes, makes good Supreme Court appointments, etc.  I know, I know, he’s not always popular with the so-called “mainstream media” with his claims of “fake news”, and his fighting back as opposed to George W. Bush’s “be the moon”, above the yapping of coyotes and howling of wolves that gave us 8 years of unrelenting, unrefuted “lies from the left.”

Trump’s rhetoric and approach to politics is certainly not consistent with advice he might receive from his political advisors, nor is it what the K Street gang would like to see, but he has been effective. 

Second: I agree with my doctor daughter who in turn agrees with those experts who are telling us that masks, social distancing, and mass quarantines are doing more harm than good, i.e.. mouth breathing problems, suicides, & etc.  There is absolutely no medical reason for Trump to wear a mask since he now has the Covid19 antibodies; he cannot get it and he cannot give it to anyone; and in his case, thanks to wide publicity, anyone with half-a-brain knows all that.  Thus, in his case, wearing a mask would simply be a political statement, and not wearing one is the political statement that we are winning the war against the Chinese Flu. 

Great column, as usual.  Thanks!

Fred Cox.  Write-in for POTUS for your wife. If my memory serves, 5 candidates filed to be a write-in for POTUS for Utah Elections. Those votes will be counted. There are at least 9 candidates on the ballot. I have many friends that cannot vote for Pres Trump that are voting for Joe Biden and others that can’t vote for Biden that are voting for Jo Jorgansen. 

While she isn’t listed as pro life, she at least doesn’t believe the government should make us fund abortion and that the feds should stay out of the fight vs shoving it down our throats. Someone running that believes the government should not control our lives looks better than the socialist movement or the hate.