McAdams blasts Owens’ comments on Mitt Romney

Congressman Ben McAdams called out Burgess Owens for his unwarranted, negative attacks on Sen. Mitt Romney, who Owens has said does not represent Utah’s values during recent national news program interviews.

Widely-circulated news reports quote Owens as saying, among other things, that “Mitt is not representative of Utah values.”  In contrast, Romney recently issued a call for a return to civility, saying that politics has moved away from a spirited debate “to a vile, vituperative, hate-filled morass that is unbecoming of any free nation.”

“I know Sen. Romney, I work with Sen. Romney and to me, no one cares more about Utah families, our state and our country than Sen. Romney. His character and integrity are beyond reproach and I wish more politicians would emulate his public service,” said McAdams. “My opponent’s attacks on Sen. Romney’s faith and family values are offensive and just not what we are about here.  Burgess Owens just doesn’t get Utah.”