National Headlines 5-15-14

Why Jill Abramson’s departure will ricochet (Politico)

Eric Shinseki ‘mad as hell’ over VA scandal (Politico)

Senate GOP anger at Reid boiling over (The Hill)

GOP blocks tax breaks bill (The Hill)

Obama judicial nominees delivered double blow as Reid, Paul voice opposition (Fox News)

Longtime U.S. Congressman Conyers sues to join primary ballot (Reuters)

New EPA Rule Cracks Down on Oil Refinery Air Pollution (Environmental News Service)

Senate Panel Votes to End U.S. Giants in Mortgages (New York Times)

Drought creates tinderbox for wildfires in southwest USA (USA Today)

Why do fast-food workers strike? No occupation is lower paid. (Christian Science Monitor)

Inflation Picks Up, Stirring Talk on Fed Policy (Wall Street Journal)