Webb Wrap: Where will Trump’s base go? . . . Health coverage is safe . . . Fillmore takes the cake . . . Reid responds

Republican 2024 presidential hopefuls are flocking to Georgia, trying to help the Republican candidates in the two Senate runoffs, while also getting some national exposure.

It’s way too early, obviously, to be talking about the 2024 presidential race. But I’ll do it anyway. Anything can happen over the next two or three years. Especially unknown is the status of the thousand-pound gorilla in the Republican Party – Trump himself.

He will still have a magnetic hold on much of his base, and no Republican is going to win the nomination, let alone the presidency, without that base. Trump may play kingmaker, or even run himself (although I’d be surprised if he did). He will loom very large.

I think the Republicans face an enormous challenge finding a nominee who can both retain the Trump base and also appeal to mainstream Republicans, especially women. It will be impossible to win without both. It certainly leaves no room for a moderate Republican like Mitt Romney or John Kasich to play much of a role.

Affordable Care Act. There is much handwringing over the Affordable Care Act going before the U.S. Supreme Court. One ABC radio report made it sound like 20 million of Americans are almost certain to be left without health care coverage in the midst of a pandemic.

All the drama isn’t really necessary. It’s unlikely the Supremes will strike down the entire law. And, even if they did, Congress would rush to fix it. The ACA needs a good overhaul anyway. It is badly flawed and needs reform. But rest assured that no one is going to lose their health insurance or lose coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Good Read. Route Fifty notes Utah Gov. Herbert’s statewide mask mandate and outlines what other GOP governors are doing in their states.

Political People. Sen. Lincoln Fillmore has a reputation of being a pretty sweet guy. Now he has the goods to prove it. In a message to friends, Fillmore noted that he recently made a career change and opened a bakery, Nothing Bundt Cakes, in Taylorsville at 5338 South Redwood Road. The grand opening is Thursday at noon, on Friday sales will benefit the Taylorsville Food Pantry, and Saturday will feature free confetti cakes “while they last.” Now when Fillmore says some issue is “baked”, you’ll know he knows what he’s talking about.

Reader Response. Stuart Reid responded to recent WebbWrap commentary, in part:

“Biden is not in favor of an open border but he does support fewer immigration restrictions than Trump. Besides being a Democrat, Biden is Catholic and both Democrats and Catholics have made it clear they want/need fewer immigration restrictions. . . .

“Demographics are destiny and the Republican Party’s destiny looks very bleak indeed. Trump and Miller, with their band of white nationalists, including Steve Bannon if Trump pardon’s him, completely unleashed from presidential proprieties, will further sever Republicans from authentic conservatism, making the Republican Party unpalatable for the majority of Americans who otherwise are supportive of conservative governance as proven even by this most recent election.

“Trump’s influence will wane only when it becomes increasingly clear that in states transitioning from red to blue, like Georgia, Arizona and Texas, Trumpism must be rejected if there is any hope for a Republican to be elected to the U.S. Senate from those states or to the presidency that depends on their electoral votes. Trump’s influence will wane only when the Republican Party either splits and dies or it comes to its senses and realizes that from here on out if it does not have the presidency and the Senate, it will not have the U.S. Supreme Court. Mitch McConnell made sure of that when he set the precedence for all time that the Senate will no longer accept the opposition party’s nominees.”

Parting Shot. Baby boomers (that’s me) are on the decline in Utah (and I feel like a decliner). We make up only 16 percent of the population, according to Utah Informed, a book of visual facts produced by the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute. Gen Z is by far the largest generation in Utah, with 36% of the population, followed by Millennials, 24%; and Gen X, 19%. Then comes the Boomers at 16% and the WWII Greatest Generation at 5%.

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