Trump should concede . . . and Democrats should have some humility

I voted for Pres. Trump, but I believe he should now concede. There is no pathway for him to win. It’s time to put the election behind us and go forward with a new administration. The Trump administration should cooperate with the Biden transition team and prepare to turn over the federal government to the president-elect.

I don’t mind the liberal Democrats, never-Trumpers, the Washington establishment, big-tech, and the establishment media reveling in their win. There is absolute glee and ecstasy in defeating Trump. Never has anyone been so hated by the liberal establishment as Trump is. So, go ahead, spike the ball. Pop the cork of whatever you’re drinking.

Tell us again what a horrid person Trump is. He’s a big boy, a billionaire with a great life. He really has no one to blame but himself for his defeat.

However, I would hope for a teensy bit of humility among the above-mentioned victors, and perhaps a little less smugness, when it comes to the 73 million people who voted for Trump (compared to 78 million who voted for Biden). There seems to be no curiosity about who these Trump voters are. What were they thinking? What could have moved them to vote for that monster Trump?

Sunday evening I watched 60 Minutes as the interviewer lobbed smarmy questions at former Pres. Barack Obama, mostly egging him on to bash Trump. Obama was happy to oblige. But Obama is an introspective guy. It would have been nice for him to modestly acknowledge that, perhaps, the liberal establishment he lives in must, in some way, be misunderstanding the many middle-America, working-class Americans who voted for Trump.

These are good people who love their country but feel left behind by the liberal Democrats, the Washington establishment, the federal bureaucracy, the big tech companies that have amassed astonishing wealth, and the liberal media establishment.

The big government complex seems to work great for the people in power. Not so much for working-class America. These voters saw in Trump, no matter his immense flaws, someone who was bold enough to take on the establishment and not let it change him.

These folks are not looking for more government handouts. In many cases, they want the government to leave them alone. But they see the cancel culture undermining traditional values. They see identity politics creating inequities. They see the value of hard work, self-reliance and religious faith being devalued. They see attacks on law enforcement and promises of freebies to everyone.

Whatever his excesses and flaws, and despite his improbability as a New York billionaire, Trump had the political instincts to understand these sentiments and emerge as their brash and unashamed champion.

I don’t know if the Washington establishment, the liberal media, the Democratic partisans are capable of understanding Trump’s appeal. I don’t know if they are interested in understanding the 73 million Trump voters.

But these folks are not going away. And if no attempt is made to address their concerns, Democrats could have a hard time in the 2022 midterms. The Democrats’ down-ballot weakness in 2020 is a flashing warning sign. Remember that despite wins in 2018 and 2020, Democrats have not even made up the 1,000 seats lost during the Obama years in state legislatures, governorships and in Congress.

Go ahead and kick Trump as he’s walking (or being dragged) out the door. But a little less arrogance, a little more modesty, a little more acknowledgement that nearly half of America isn’t buying what the liberal Democrats and establishment news media are selling might be in order.