Utah Will Reach Herbert’s ‘100,000 Jobs in 1,000 Days’ Goal Earlier than Expected

In 2012, Gov. Gary Herbert said he wanted the Utah economy to produce 100,000 jobs in 1,000 days. On Tuesday, he said the state would reach that goal sometime in June – 5 to six months early.

“Critics said I was being too ambitious,” Herbert said to attendees at the Utah Taxpayers Association Conference. “We are pushing to do well, but we are also finding ways to do better.”

Herbert also revealed that the size of Utah’s government is shrinking as there is now 1 state employee for every 143 residents. That number used to be 1 employee for every 119 residents.

“We are becoming more efficient in delivering services to people with less labor. Labor is the biggest expense to government.”

Utah is consistently at or near the top of economic rankings. Herbert says part of that is the state has the 44th lowest per capita tax burden in the country. Utah also has the third lowest corporate tax rate. Both of those factors make Utah very attractive to business.

“The business world craves certainty and predictability. That’s why we are the most business friendly environment in the country.”

Herbert adds Utah is quickly becoming the envy of other states. 

“I was on the phone with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal a couple of days ago. He said, ‘Gary, every time I read the news, Utah is #1. What are you doing? What is happening there?’

“I replied that it’s basic. We have good people and good government. We’re showing how it should be done.”