Gov. Cox invites Utahns to observe National Day of Racial Healing

For the last five years, the Tuesday following Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has been designated as a National Day of Racial Healing. Governor Spencer Cox released the following statement: 

On this National Day of Racial Healing, we invite Utahns to pause and consider the heart of who we are, the unique values we hold in our state, and the influence we have to build a greater, more inclusive community.

Collectively, we have the opportunity to stand on the side of history where we choose to write Utah’s story as one of inclusion, transformation, and belonging fo all who call this great state their home.

We invite and encourage Utahns to commit to join together to cement a legacy of hope, healing and greater opportunity for every member in our state. We can build a compassionate community that leads the nation in how we respond in the face of adversity and how we heal from bias, striving to ensure racial division is a cautionary tale of the past.