Campaign Tip: The Best Way to Design a Campaign Sign

Leave your website off your yard sign and pick a typeface that will be easy to read from a fast-moving car.

Katherine Halek writes at Campaigns and Elections that in order to create campaign signs that work, you should follow some basic guidelines.

One of the biggest tips is how to use copy and negative space to make sure your sign stands out. 

The fewer words you use, the better. Again, as with typefaces, think simple when it comes to your message. The most you need is your name and the office for which you’re running. To help people remember you at the polls, place emphasis on your last name. 

In terms of spacing, leave enough negative space around your content. Negative space plays a major role in sign legibility. A general rule of thumb is that negative space should take up at least 60 percent of your sign, leaving 40 percent for your copy.This illustration from the USSC shows how this should work — the copy is spaced well over the sign and there’s plenty of breathing room around each word.