Utah Policy/KSL ‘Political Insider’ Poll: Will Becker Run Again in 2015?

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker says he will hold off on a decision about his political future until after the November elections. We asked our “Political Insiders” how likely it is that Becker tries for a third term as Mayor of Salt Lake City and who might run against him?

Selected anonymous comments:

“He has laid the groundwork on almost all of his initiatives. He needs one more term to see them to completion.”

“Nearly every Salt Lake City mayor in the past 35 years would say (or has said) a third term was a mistake. They get bored, they burn out, they get distracted. But Mayor B. will have to learn that for himself. If he isn’t running again, he’s certainly fundraising like he is.”

“Mayor Becker will run unless he gets the Washington DC ‘green’ appointment he always seems to be bucking for.”

“He seems to like the job, he is well respected, and there are really no other obvious prospects he could run for.”

“He comes into the race from a position of strength. I doubt he’d have much opposition.”

“The mayor has done an outstanding job, but just like any other great political leader we all know when it’s our time to leave.”

“He will either run and win a close re-election or choose not to run and join the Clinton for President campaign in hopes of a federal appointment.”

“What else could he run for and win? Nothing.”

“A ‘Great American City’ needs a Great American mayor.”

“He’s having too much fun to give up now.”