Chaffetz: State Dept. Dodges Accountability for Benghazi

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Rep. Jason Chaffetz slams the State Department for reinstating four administrators partly responsible for the failures leading to the Benghazi terror attack. 

Reports Mediaite:

After playing a clip of a State Department security official calling his superiors the “Taliban” “inside the building,” Tapper turned to Chaffetz for his reaction to the news that no State official will be held responsible for Benghazi.

Asked what level of action against the State employees would have satisfied him, Chaffetz replied that the first step should be the capture of the perpetrators of the attack.

“But somebody, somebody at the Department of State has to be held accountable,” Chaffetz asserted. He said that it was shocking that, after three attacks in Benghazi by militants targeting Western interests in 2012 before the September 11 attack, requests for added security at the American consulate were ignored or denied.