Chaffetz: Immediate Actions Required on Border

Rep. Jason Chaffetz introduces border crisis legislation that would, among other things, end the Obama administration’s weak standards for asylum claims and allow border agents to patrol federal lands.

Reports Breitbart:

Chaffetz said his and Goodlatte’s bill sends additional resources to the border and makes changes to the asylum process.

“Immediate actions are required to address the recent surge of unaccompanied children and teenagers crossing the border,” Chaffetz said. He continued:

“The Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act not only deals with the crisis at hand, but implements important policy changes moving forward. By sending additional judges, attorneys, and other resources to the border, we can ensure that these children are processed, reunited with their families, and sent home as swiftly as possible. Additionally, this bill makes long needed changes to the asylum process,” Chaffetz stated.

“Too many are finding ways to game the system. By strengthening standards for those who claim ‘credible fear,’ we can expedite the removal process. We must deal with this crisis in both a humane and realistic manner. This legislation does both.”