Utah is One of the Most Oil-Rich States

Just 10 states accounted for nearly 80% of the country’s oil reserves in 2012.

Wall Street 24/7 analyzed data from 2012 to find the states with the largest energy reserves. Utah came in at #9.

> Proved oil reserves: 613 million barrels
> Natural gas reserves: 7.8 trillion cubic feet (10th most)
> Energy consumption per capita: 471.3 million BTUs (5th highest)
> Number of operating refineries: 5 (6th most)

Utah had 613 million barrels of proven reserves as of 2012, up nearly 22% from the year before. Additionally, the state produced 35 million barrels of oil in 2013, among the higher production volumes in the country. In addition to its proven reserves, production in Utah could increase in the coming years as oil companies explore ways to tap into oil resources contained in the Green River Formation, which is estimated to hold more oil shale than Saudi Arabia. Most of this oil, however, is likely unrecoverable due to technological and cost constraints, and is therefore not included in reserves.

The rest of the top-10 looks like this:

10. Louisiana
9. Utah
8. Colorado
7. Wyoming
6. Oklahoma
5. New Mexico
4. California
3. Alaska
2. North Dakota
1. Texas