Salt Lake City’s Summer Temperatures Could be Unbearably Hot by 2100

If greenhouse gas emissions keep rising at current rates, the average summer temperature in Salt Lake City is projected to rise 11 degrees by the year 2100.

Citylab highlights projections from Climate Central who have an interactive map showing what summer temperatures will be nearly one century from now.

Here’s what Salt Lake City may look like.

For instance, Boston’s expected highs of 89 degrees is like being in contemporary North Miami Beach; the District of Columbia’s 97 degrees is like Pharr, Texas; and Las Vegas’ 111 degrees is Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (It seems as though much of the Southwest will one day resemble the Middle East, in fact.)

On average, summer heat is projected to warm 7-10°F, though some cities will have summers 12°F warmer than they are now. As you explore the interactive, you’ll find that for cities in the Northwest, the Great Plains, the Midwest, and the Northeast, warming is best illustrated by a southward shift. In some cases, however, the shift is slightly northward and inland—for example, warming in coastal San Diego will make it feel like Lexington, Ky.,—and represents more than a 6°F temperature increase.