Nuclear Energy is Focus of 2014 UAMPS Conference

The future of nuclear energy – and UAMPS’ possible role in it – will highlight the 19th Annual Member Conference of the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems, Aug. 17-20, hosted by Logan City in the Riverwoods Conference Center in Logan.


Key speakers on Aug. 18, the conference’s first full day, will include Dr. Peter Lyons, Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy in the U.S. Department of Energy, and Dr. Jose Reyes, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of NuScale Power LLC, which is developing small modular reactors (SMRs) that are attracting world-wide attention.

UAMPS is a partner with Nuscale Power and Energy Northwest in investigating the possibility of developing the world’s first SMR project, possibly located at Idaho National Laboratory near Idaho Falls.

The UAMPS conference will recognize that a new era in nuclear energy development is occuring, focused on small, scalable, factory-built modular reactors that are clean and emissions-free, while being far safer and less expensive than traditional massive nuclear plants.

Dr. Lyons, a scientist and former commissioner of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, will speak on the future of nuclear energy. Dr. Reyes will discuss the impressive progress in developing NuScale’s SMR technology. Doug Hunter, UAMPS general manager, will discuss UAMPS’ participation in Project WIN (Western Initiative for Nuclear), which is a multi-state collaboration investigating the demonstration and deployment of a SMR plant in the West.

Dan Stenger, a Washington, D.C., nuclear energy attorney with Hogan Lovells US LLP, will speak about the nuclear certification and licensing process. Mason Baker, UAMPS general counsel, will discuss federal CO2 regulation, which is driving the industry away from coal-fired electricity generation and toward clean energy production, including nuclear.

The Riverwoods Conference Center is located at 615 South Riverwoods Parkway, Logan.

 UAMPS is a joint action agency, a political subdivision of the State of Utah, that provides diversified and comprehensive wholesale electric energy, on a nonprofit basis, to 46 community-owned power systems throughout the IntermountainWest. UAMPS includes members from Utah, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming and Oregon. UAMPS was established in 1980 as an energy services interlocal entity to finance, acquire and operate various projects for the generation and transmission of electricity to its members.