Utah Policy Now Conducting Weekly Opinion Research

Understanding the opinions and attitudes of citizens is important in formulating good public policy in Utah.

That’s why UtahPolicy.com is pleased to announce that, in partnership with Zions Bank and Dan Jones & Associates, we are now conducting weekly opinion research on topics and issues important to Utah.

Utah Policy Contributing Editor Bob Bernick recently wrote a column noting the dearth of good survey research being conducted by Utah news organizations. Due mostly to budget cuts, Utah media outlets conduct research only infrequently.

When news organizations don’t conduct regular research, we are left with infrequent surveys commissioned mostly by political candidates and special interest groups. While those surveys are usually conducted by professional survey research firms, it is important that independent research is also conducted to ensure that the public is well-informed with good data.

The Zions Bank/Utah Policy Opinion Research is being overseen personally by Dr. Dan Jones, who has conducted survey research in Utah for many decades. Jones is known for his integrity and his hard work to produce accurate data from representative samples. Our surveys follow accepted professional standards developed by the survey research industry.

Conducting weekly surveys provides excellent flexibility. Topics and issues will still be fresh when we measure opinion. Instead of conducting only statewide surveys, we will be able to measure public opinion in a region of the state, or in a particular city, or congressional district.

Each weekly survey will be relatively short, with 5-7 questions in addition to demographic questions. Sample size will usually be about 400. But we will also periodically conduct longer statewide surveys with larger sample sizes to obtain baseline data. We may also conduct some national surveys.

We appreciate the support and sponsorship of Zions Bank, a great community partner, in conducting this research.

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