5th Annual Clear the Air Challenge Sets New Record

The annual Clear the Air Challenge, which ended July 31, set a new record with 8,643 Utahns eliminating nearly 1.9 million miles traveled and 169,035 single occupant vehicle trips. EDCUtah was happy to be part of the Challenge and we eliminated 2,368 miles traveled.


In addition to setting a new record, it was exciting to see the participation in this year’s Challenge increase by more than 2,000 from the previous year. Last year, the Challenge included 6,591 participants who eliminated over 134,000 single-occupant vehicle trips, averting nearly 1.6 million miles driven.

Gov. Gary Herbert issued the 5th annual Clear the Air Challenge to encourage residents to reduce vehicle emissions and improve Utah’s air quality. Using a web-based tracking tool, participants were able to log trips eliminated by biking, walking, e-traveling, trip chaining, teleworking, using public transit, carpooling or working a compressed workweek.

Congratulations to the following teams for their leadership in helping to improve our air quality by participating in the Challenge:

  • 1st Place Business Overall: Overstock.com
  • 2nd Place Business Overall: Fidelity Investments
  • 3rd Place Business Overall: ADP
  • Most Trips Saved by Business: O.C. Tanner
  • 1st Place Team Overall: U of U Facilities MGT
  • 2nd Place Team Overall: Goldman Sachs
  • 3rd Place Team Overall: MHTN Architects

Since vehicle emissions are the primary culprit in our air quality problems, improving our air quality will require a united effort by all Utahns. The official Challenge may be over this year, but reducing our vehicle miles traveled through alternative travel choices and eliminating needless trips is something we can all work on throughout the year.