Lawsuit Against Obama Could Carry a Hefty Price Tag

If House Republicans go forward with their threat to sue President Barack Obama, the pricetag is expected to cost somewhere around $350,000.

Roll Call reports the House has contracted with D.C. law firm BakerHostetler for $500/hour.

Many legal experts say the lawsuit faces long odds in the courts, but one of the highest-profile constitutional scholars in the country, former Reagan and George Bush lawyer David Rivkin, has said the case has merit — and he’s a partner at the firm the Republicans hired.

Democrats immediately weighed in on the announcement, sharply criticizing the $500 per hour contract as wasteful spending.

“This outrageous waste of taxpayer dollars is yet another reminder of House Republicans’ misguided priorities,” said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel, D-N.Y., in a statement. “Only in John Boehner’s world does it make sense to pay lawyers $500 per hour to work on a partisan lawsuit while refusing to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 for hardworking Americans trying to feed their families.”


House Republicans are threatening to sue Mr. Obama over his repeated use of executive orders.