Romney ‘Mulling’ Another Run in 2016

Here we go again with the Mitt Romney for president talk.

This time it's columnist Pat Buchannan who says Romney is "mulling" another run for the White House.

Breitbart reports Buchannan made the comments on Tuesday's Laura Ingraham radio show.

He stated Romney is “obviously looking at it [running for president] and considering it.” And “I think he ought to do it…if that’s the way he believes, but that’s on a personal level, you don’t want to end your life and say ‘I should have done this.’” 

Buchanan added that even though Romney would be a “front-runner for the nomination, along with several others,” he would have a “rough time.”

Romney's running for another term has been the topic of endless speculation, almost from the moment he lost to Barack Obama in 2012.

If he does decide to run, Romney would not need much time to get an organization together, and he would be able to raise money quickly – so a third run is not out of the question.

The biggest question is whether Romney would be able to get over the stigma of being a two-time loser.