Chaffetz: Unleash the Nerds (Video)

Rep. Jason Chaffetz says it's time to turn the "nerds" and "tech geeks" loose on the missing IRS emails.

On Fox News, Chaffetz says he wants to exhaust every avenue available to try and recover emails from IRS director Lois Lerner that the agency says were lost. They also claim her Blackberry was "wiped clean."

Via The Blaze:

“These things are backed up,” he said on Fox News. “I believe we need to bring in the nerds, bring in the tech geeks, and I think they will show and demonstrate that we can recover these emails. At least I’d like to try.”

Chaffetz said on Fox News that the attitude of the IRS is consistent with the IRS’s position as an agency that doesn’t want to hand over any information to Congress. Like other Republicans, Chaffetz said the IRS has continues to conveniently lose information that Congress is requesting about the IRS targeting scandal, including by reports of crashed computers and other devices.

“Is that just all a coincidence? Are we just supposed to believe that that just spontaneously happened?” he asked. “That is just absolutely, fundamentally wrong, if not an obstruction of Congress.”

Here's the video: