Mia Love Named ‘Woman Candidate to Watch’

MSNBC takes note of Mia Love's second run at Congress, naming her to their "30 in 30 list" of women candidates to watch in 2014.

Love talks about her struggles being a woman candidate in a field dominated by men.

My goal is to represent all Utah voters, regardless of gender. I think the serious issues we face are not gender-specific, but rather they impact both men and women. In that sense, every issue we face in America is a “women’s issue.” Because women make up half of the electorate, I don’t see politics as an inherently male-dominated industry.

Women are not victims; I certainly don’t consider myself a victim. I’m perfectly comfortable with who I am and what I believe in, and I never allow anyone to put me in a box. However, sometimes women are only passively involved in politics. I encourage women everywhere to get involved so that their views will be reflected in the policies that are made.

What advice would she give to young women considering a career in politics?


I would give them the same advice that my dad gave me, which is to point out that there are many of us doing everything we can to make sure you reach your full potential. In turn, your job is to work hard and to give back to society. I would remind the young women out there to not take for granted the sacrifices that have been made on your behalf. Perhaps most importantly, I would remind them that through hard work and education, they can become anything they want to be.