National Headlines 8-27-13

Kucinich: Syria strike would turn US into ‘al Qaeda’s air force’ (The Hill)

Rival calls Booker’s ‘gay’ comments ‘weird’ (The Hill)

Napolitano warns large-scale cyberattack on US is inevitable (The Hill)

White House: We’re not seeking ‘regime change’ as goal in Syria (The Hill)

Main U.S. targets in Syria are military sites (USA Today)

Standby lawyers can’t take over Fort Hood case (Associated Press)

City asks judge to allow delay in ‘stop-frisk’ reforms (New York Post)

Ex-Salvadoran Colonel Gets US Prison Sentence (Associated Press)

Will Smoke From Lew’s Burning Pants Obscure Debt Deal? (Bloomberg)

More photos of Boston Marathon bombing suspect released (NECN)

Super PAC criticizes Booker for low Newark graduation rate (PolitiFact)

Florida must pay Zimmerman’s legal costs, says lawyer (BBC News)