Local Headlines 9-22-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Stand up to elites who undermine traditional marriage

Op-ed: Religion is yin to science’s yang

Rolly: Guns vs. breasts: Which wins in Utah?

Editorial: Let the debates begin

Editorial: Counties deserve consistency in federal PILT payments

Paul Rolly: State makes longtime resident of Utah prove it

Study: Utah roads good, but administrative costs high

Utah to BLM: Rein in your cops

Separated Utah family still keeping American dream alive

Salt Lake Airport seeks to break up monopoly

Deseret News

John Florez: Utah public education is a house of cards

W. Bradford Wilcox: The new progressive argument on marriage

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Are Republicans more than the party of ‘no’?

Robert Bennett: Political debates can have impact

Drew Clark: The ‘least dangerous branch’ must follow principle, not pragmatism

Editorial: How committed are Obama, U.S. to destroy terrorist threats?

Editorial: Don’t ‘Army-ize’ local police with surplus military equipment

Can Utah solve its surprising binge drinking problem?

Mitt Romney to campaign for Mia Love in Utah

Now both Mia Love and Doug Owens airing TV commercials

Rebate or tax credit? Clean air proposal targets compressed natural gas vehicles

5 reasons why Utah is a great place to live


Expert believes Utah can still win same-sex marriage case (Daily Herald)

Op-ed: Reflect and choose (Standard-Examiner)

Editorial: SAGE tests replace CRTs (Standard-Examiner)

Report: Utah slips in highway performance rankings (Standard-Examiner)