National Headlines 8-29-13

U.S. Facing Test on Data to Back Action on Syria (New York Times)

Courts emerge as hurdle to Obama regs (The Hill)

Cruz mocks lack of debate in Congress over Syria strikes (The Hill)

Kerry, Hagel to brief lawmakers on Syria (The Hill)

How the ObamaCare defunding fight became a political showdown (The Hill)

Immigration advocates claim ‘resounding win’ in quiet August (The Hill)

Intelligence on weapons no ‘slam dunk’ (Associated Press)

U.S. Says It Won’t Sue to Undo State Marijuana Laws (New York Times)

U.S. spy network’s successes, failures and objectives detailed in ‘black budget’ summary (Washington Post)

Court Upholds 1st Ban on Gay-to-Straight Therapy (ABC News)

White House targets loopholes in rules on gun purchases, imports (Los Angeles Times)

Before Death, Fort Hood Shooter Faces Long Appeals (Associated Press)