Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Should the Zion Curtain Stay or Go?

Sen. John Valentine says one of his biggest regrets as he leaves Utah's Capitol Hill is not requiring all restaurants to have a Zion Curtain, and he hopes lawmakers will remedy that in his absence. Most of our "Political Insiders" disagree.

75% of the Republicans on our panel say lawmakers should get rid of the Zion Curtain, as do 96% of Democrats and 88% of our readers.


Selected anonymous comments:


"Senator Valentine should make way for new thought on this issue and pass the torch, rather than continuing to try to exert his will as he leaves."

"It's time for utah to grow up and allow capitalism, not socialism, to control the liquor market."

"The Zion Curtain is just silly. It's another fine example of government meddling where it does not belong. With Senator Valentine leaving the Senate, I hope we can finally get rid of some of the nanny-state liquor laws."

"Just another way to make Utah look even more stupid! Proof that you deserve the people you elect."

"Utahns are more afraid of a glass of wine than an AK-47!"

"I am a Republican but think the Zion Curtain is not needed. There are many other important issues to address for the legislature."

"The problem with the partition concept is that it does not produce the results the lawmakers hope (curbing underage drinking and binge drinking) and it causes many, many operational problems for businesses that lawmakers do not adequately consider. Simply put, the benefits of the barrier requirement do not justify its burdens."

"If you think seeing the alcohol being mixed encourages drinking then it requires one to create a 'Zion Shield' around the mouth and glass of the alcohol as it is being consumed. I picture it like a cone a dog wears after surgery….the 'Zion Shield' is sure to improve the quality of life in Utah."

"As a non-drinker of alcoholic beverages, I do not believe that the Utah state government should be in the business of the purchase, distribution or sale of alcohol. Let the free market system dictate how alcohol is to be sold and purchased by the consuming public. It is called free enterprise. Enforcing and prosecuting crimes committed while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is the responsibility of local and state government."

"Zion Curtain doesn't cut it for me. People who want to drink alcohol in a restaurant should be required to wear a sheet over their head. Underage drinking would vanish overnight."

"There is no rational, non religious, argument for the existence of the Zion Curtain. Valentine's personal agenda was an embarrassment to the State of Utah and my Republican party."

"Amazing how some of our legislators believe that seeing drinks mixed will scar a child for life, but that same child will be unaffected by watching people toting guns around everywhere they go. By the way, I'm active LDS and do not drink."

"Why is it that every time they meddle with liquor legislation they just add one more layer of confusion. It's almost like they do it on purpose. No wonder others think we are nuts."

"It is absolutely something that has slowed and in some cases completely prevented certain food establishments from coming to Utah. I grew up in California where such a shield never existed, and never had the inclination to drink because of the bar, its location or its contents. While I understand the passion Senator Valentine displayed on this topic, it has limited the food industry in Utah, and it is past its time."

"How about a stupidity curtain and we can put conservatives behind it?"

"If there was some solid research that these barriers helped prevent dangerous levels of alcohol consumption in minors (or anyone), than maybe this law would have some merit. But there isn't."

"This is a really silly debate. Utah can be a real nanny state sometimes."