National Headlines 10-1-14

GOP sets sights on bigger House gains (Politico)

Scott Walker opens lead over Mary Burke in Wisconsin (Politico)

Speculation narrows on Eric Holder replacement (Politico)

US Ebola fears grow (The Hill)

US Ebola patient flew United Airlines from DC (The Hill)

US Secret Service director Julia Pierson resigns after series of security lapses (First Post)

Retired Veteran of President’s Detail Will Temporarily Lead Secret Service (New York Times)

2 New Limits on Voting in North Carolina Are Rejected by U.S. Court (New York Times)

House Republicans, on their heels after shutdown, now in position to add to majority (Washington Post)

Court: Democrats don’t have to run Senate candidate in Kansas (UPI)

Jimmy Carter: I Could Have ‘Wiped Out’ Iran During Presidency (Christian Times)