Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: How Will the 2015 Legislature React to Same-Sex Marriage?

Monday was an historic day in Utah when the Supreme Court declined to take up Utah's appeal of a lower court's ruling that Amendment 3 was unconstitutional. How will Utah lawmakers react to the decision?

57% of our Democratic "Political Insiders" think lawmakers will be less likely to pass pro-gay-rights legislation, while just 41% of Republicans think that will happen. A majority of our readers also think it's less likely that legislation favorable to the LGBT community will make it through the legislative process next year.

Selected anonymous comments:


"Although I hope they would discuss and pass the non-discrimination bill, there will likely be too many hurt feelings. It would take a real showing of character to do that after this legal defeat."

"The Utah Legislature has a long and storied history of revenge and retribution legislation. This is not an easy loss for the majority of the body. We're already seeing hints of 'get-back' bills aimed at the Supreme Court's decision."

"In addition to not passing nondiscrimination, legislators will work to pass unnecessary and overreaching religious 'freedom' bills that exempt people and allow for bigotry based on religious belief."

"Most of Utah's legislators don't care a bit about legal decisions from the court. They think they know what is best for all of us."

"No laws will be passed supporting LBGT rights. It's payback time."

"Many of our legislators seem to be taking this 'loss' personally. I think they'll do anything they can to marginalize the Utah LGBT population."

"But they will also make sure to pass a number of 'religious freedoms' bills as well. They will also hesitate to refer to marriage and find another name to ensure they have differentiated between the religious and civil aspects. Lawsuits will ensue."

"I have a bad feeling they will try to pass laws to make it harder to get married. Much like the states that have passed laws making it almost impossible to access an abortion or vote."

"The right wing Republicans will go absolutely crazy. They will be vindictive and completely ignore Elder Oaks' talk."

"The Utah State Legislature will bury their heads in the sand, and promise each other that 'the fight has only just begun' And will waste even more tax payer money."

"The legislature is slowly heating up on this issue like a cup of of Orville Redenbacher kernels. No telling when the bills are going to pop or what it's all going to look like in March. There will be a few stray bills that will draw attention, but they'll end up on the floor."

"I hope for civility and respect rather than revenge."

"They are more likely to pass a resolution to secede from the Union than to give equal rights to those gay folks."

"I believe the Legislature will be unlikely to enact anything related to gay rights during the 2015 General Session, but over the next five years or so are more likely to gradually pass more pro-gay-rights laws."

"Sutherland picked a fine time to fire Paul Mero."