Poll Shows Partisan, Religious Divide in Love/Owens Race

There's a big partisan and religious divide brewing in Utah's 4th Congressional District race.

In our latest UtahPolicy.com survey, conducted by Dan Jones and Associates, we find the two candidates are fairly polarizing – Mia Love to the right and Doug Owens to the left.

Respondents who identified as "very" or "somewhat conservative" are solidly behind Republican Mia Love, while moderates and voters who skew liberal support Democrat Doug Owens. 


Weirdly our poll found 7% of those who said they were "very liberal" said they would vote for Mia Love. Those are likely protest votes by those who think Owens is too conservative for their tastes.

Voters who consider themselves part of the Tea Party are steadfast in their support of Love, while those who are not part of the group are split between Love and Owens. This suggests Owens' efforts to paint Love as too extreme are not sticking with mainstream Utah voters.


Clearly, Owens needs to do much better among non-Tea Party voters if he's going to have a chance defeat Love in November. 

Religious affiliation also looks to play a big at the polls in November. Mormons who consider themselves very active lean heavily toward Mia Love, while less-active Mormons and other religious groups support Doug Owens.

Even though Owens wins a majority of support among most of these religious groups, Love wins enough support to maintain her 9-point lead in our survey.