Turnout Fears Gripping National Democrats

A number of new surveys suggest turnout for next month's midterm elections could very low, which would be extremely bad for Democrats.

The Hill says there's mounting evidence that groups that tend to vote Democrat will see very low turnout come November.

Historically, the core Democratic constituencies of young people, minorities and single women are more likely to skip voting in midterm elections. The current projections suggest that months of effort by the Democratic Party to engage those groups on issues such as the minimum wage and women's pay may have been in vain.

If the numbers hold, it could mean a rout for Democrats similar to the 2010 "shellacking" — President Obama’s description — that swept away their House majority.

"We cannot have 2010 turnout. If we have 2010 turnout among our key constituencies, we're going to have 2010 all over again. It's math," said Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher, who served as a pollster for President Obama's election campaigns.

A recent Pew study found only about 5% of voters between the ages of 18-29 are following the 2014 midterms closely. That number should send chills down the spines of Democrats.