Lee to Utahns: Pressure Hatch on Obamacare

At a Utah townhall, Sen. Mike Lee urges his constituents to pressure Sen. Orrin Hatch to join his controversial effort to block spending bills until Obamacare is defunded. 

Reports Roll Call:

“I know he’s not supporting you in the health care defunding,” the questioner asked. “Do you have any influence with Sen. Hatch because it doesn’t seem like he’s listening to the people out here, and I’d recommend that anybody here that supports you would get on the phone and talk to Sen. Hatch and try to tell him that that’s what they want.”

Lee emphasized that he would not speak for Hatch and said that they got along well, but he also suggested that constituents could help pressure Hatch.

“The fact that some have not yet signed my letter, and he is one who … has not, doesn’t necessarily indicate where he’ll be at the end of the day. There are some members of the Senate who have told me that they’ll end up voting the same way I’m going to be voting, but for a variety of reasons tactical and strategic, some of them are choosing not to sign it,” said Lee. “I wish they would sign it, I’d love it if they sign it. If you can convince Sen. Hatch to sign the letter, I’ll be deeply in your debt.”