Exclusive Poll: Support for Statewide Non-Discrimination Law Growing; Utahns Split on Religious Exemption

Utahns are increasingly in favor of a statewide law that would prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation when it comes to employment and housing. However, they are split on whether the law should have an exemption on religious grounds.

Our latest UtahPolicy.com poll conducted by Dan Jones and Associates shows 65% of Utahns support a statewide non-discrimination, while 27% are opposed. 



In a similar poll conducted in August we found 59% of Utahns would support such a law, while 29% were opposed.


The biggest shift seems to be in the number of people who "somewhat" support the law. In August just 14% said they were somewhat in favor. Now, that number has jumped to 23%. 

Those who strongly support and oppose such a law remained essentialy unchanged between the two polls.

Some lawmakers would like to include an exemption to such a law that would allow someone, for religious reasons, to discriminate in housing or refuse to do business with gays and lesbians. We found that Utahns are split on whether that exemption should be part of the law, with 48% saying they would be in favor while 43% saying they are opposed.




Last year Utah lawmakers refused to hear a proposed statewide non-discrimination law, sponsored by Sen. Steve Urquhart. Urquhart says he will again sponsor the non-discrimination bill during the 2015 session.