Ten Things You Need to Know for Tuesday – October 21, 2014

Support is growing for a statewide non-discrimination law. Barack Obama says the Constitution guarantees the right for same-sex couples to marry. John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff ask a judge to split the case against them into two separate proceedings.


  • Days to the 2014 midterm election – 14
  • Days until the opening day of the 2015 Utah Legislature – 97
  • Days to the final day of the 2015 Utah Legislature – 142
  • Days to the 2015 election – 378
  • Days to the 2016 Iowa Caucuses (tentative) – 454
  • Days until the 2016 presidential election – 749

Tuesday's top-10 headlines:

  1. Support is growing for Utah lawmakers to pass a statewide non-discrimination law that includes sexual preference [Utah Policy].
  2. Opposition to same-sex marriage appears to be falling across the board in Utah [Utah Policy].
  3. President Barack Obama says he thinks the equal protection clause in the Constutition guarantees same-sex couples the right to marry in all 50 states [New Yorker].
  4. There's no truth to the rumor that LDS temples are going to get out of the marriage business [Tribune].
  5. John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff ask a judge to split the case against them into two separate proceedings; the judge sets a November hearing to consider the motion [Tribune, Deseret News].
  6. Early voting begins today in Utah [Tribune].
  7. Republican Congressional Candidate Mia Love is catching some heat for declining to appear at a debate sponsored by the Salt Lake Rotary Club [Deseret News].
  8. The CDC issues new guidelines on how healthcare workers should deal with Ebola [New York Times].
  9. The U.S. Air Force wants to expand the Utah Test and Training Range by 700,000 acres in order to accomodate the new F-35 fighter jet [Tribune].
  10. Monica Lewinsky gives her first public talk ever and condemns cyber-bullying and Internet shaming [Forbes].

On this day in history:

  • 1797 – The U.S. Navy frigate Constitution, also known as Old Ironsides, was launched in Boston Harbor.
  • 1805 – A British fleet commanded by Adm. Horatio Nelson defeated a French and Spanish fleet in the Battle of Trafalgar; Nelson was killed in the battle.
  • 1879 – Thomas Edison invented the electric light at his laboratory in New Jersey.
  • 1971 – President Richard M. Nixon nominated Lewis F. Powell and William H. Rehnquist to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • 2003 – Invoking a hastily-passed law, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush ordered a feeding tube reinserted into Terry Schiavo, a brain-damaged woman at the center of a bitter right-to-die battle.