National Headlines 10-22-14

Republicans ready to party on Election night (Politico)

Warren shift on White House? (The Hill)

Ryan ties Hagan to Obama in NC stop (The Hill)

WH: Immigration stories ‘crazy’ (The Hill)

Evidence supports officer’s account of shooting in Ferguson (Washington Post)

‘Wastebook’ calls out government spending: massages for rabbits and beyond (Christian Science Monitor)

Has Alison Lundergan Grimes pulled even with Mitch McConnell in Kentucky? (Christian Science Monitor)

White House Invokes Physics in Closing Donor Sessions (Bloomberg)

Ron Klain: The Last Fixer (Wall Street Journal)

Secession Plans Pop Up In Florida (Huffington Post)

Crist: People Losing Their Jobs Over Minimum Wage Hike ‘Worth It’ (Daily Caller)