Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: A Third Term for Becker?

The biggest seat up for grabs in the 2015 municipal elections is Salt Lake City Mayor. We asked our "Political Insider" panel and readers if they thought current Mayor Ralph Becker would run for a third term.

The consensus answer is "yes." Republicans, Democrats and our readers overwhelmingly think Becker is up for a third campaign as the head of Utah's capital city.

However, they also think others are eyeing a run in 2015 as well. Some of the names include:

  • Jackie Biskupski
  • Jim Dabakis
  • Luz Robles
  • Ross Romero
  • Scott Howell
  • Luke Garrott
  • Jill Remington Love
  • Jennifer Seelig
  • Frank Pignanelli
  • Charlie Luke
  • Stan Penfold


Selected anonymous comments:


"The recent cabinet departures and resume updating that are going on inside his administration are the clearest signals yet that the people closest to him (and with the most to gain/lose by his decision) don't see him running again."

"I hear whispers the mayor has lost his steam and is looking to move on. Besides, how many more bike lanes do we really need?"

"Why not? Options are limited in D.C. where he probably really wants to be."

"He might win but it won't be in a walk like last time."

"If he doesn't watch for Sen Jim Dabakis to enter the fray."

"He loves the spotlight as much as he loves bicycles."