Lee Wants to Delay AG Nomination Until After Lame-Duck Session

Sens. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz say they want to delay any action on Loretta Lynch's nomination as Attorney General until after the new Congress is sworn in next year.

Lee and Cruz reiterated their stance that they will oppose any non-emergency action by Congress during the lame duck session. From The Hill:

"President Obama’s Attorney General nominee deserves fair and full consideration of the United States Senate, which is precisely why she should not be confirmed in the lame duck session of Congress by senators who just lost their seats and are no longer accountable to the voters," the lawmakers said in a statement. 

The two suggested, however, they could oppose Loretta Lynch's nomination regardless of the timing based on her position on Obama's forthcoming executive action on immigration. They said an attorney general must have a "full and complete commitment to the law."

"Loretta Lynch deserves the opportunity to demonstrate those qualities, beginning with a statement whether or not she believes the President’s executive amnesty plans are constitutional and legal," they said. 


Republicans are set to take control of the Senate in January.