Jon Huntsman Sr. Says the Tea Party has ‘Ruined’ the GOP

Jon Huntsman Sr. says the Tea Party may doom the Republican party in 2016.

In an interview, the father of former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. says the Republican party is setting itself up for failure if they continue to let the right-wing Tea Party hold sway.

From the Washington Times:

“The tea party has completely captivated and ruined the Republican Party today and they’ll show this in 2016,” Huntsman Sr. said last week,Yahoo News reported. “Unless a Jeb Bush comes in or John Huntsman Jr., the Republicans don’t have a prayer.”

Asked whether his son will run again in 2016, Mr. Huntsman Sr. said: “I don’t think so [but] I wish he’d listen to his father and would run. He’s just a bright, wonderful, decent individual who brings people together, who’s unifying … who is intelligent and knows the world of foreign policy extremely well,” Yahoo News reported.