National Headlines 11-10-14

ObamaCare architect: ‘Stupidity’ of voters helped bill pass (The Hill)

Cruz warns of ‘ObamaCare for Internet’ (The Hill)

Obama thrills left with Web fight (The Hill)

U.S. veterans agency to reorganize around customer service (Reuters)

Ethics Panel Extends Probes of Rush, Whitfield (Associated Press)

Judge Calls BP’s Appeal ‘Not Persuasive,’ Won’t Oust Claims Administrator After 2-Year Battle (Newsweek)

Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder Agree on These 4 Hot Button Issues (ABC News)

Obamacare opponents seek delay in appeals case (Associated Press)

Officials: NYPD to issue summonses for 25 grams of pot or less (Newsday)

Supreme Court could weigh in on same sex marriage bans by next June (FOX News)

ObamaCare Enrollment Goal Slashed; Premiums To Rise (IBD)