Lee Picks Up Another 2016 Endorsement

Even though the 2016 election is still two years away, Sen. Mike Lee is racking up the endorsements from a number of conservative organizations.

The Club for Growth endorsed six U.S. Senators for re-election in 2016, including Lee.

In a statement, Club President Chris Chocola said in a statement:


“The pro-growth class of 2010 has done excellent work in the United States Senate. Our members want to make sure they stay there for another six years,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola.“The Club for Growth PAC is ready to stand by these members of Congress – all of whom have a consistent record of voting for pro-growth policies. Americans deserve to have representatives who stand on principle and fight for economic freedom, and the mission of the Club for Growth PAC is to elect them to Congress, regardless of their party affiliation.”

Other Senators picking up endorsements from the Club for Growth include Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), Rand Paul (Kentucky), Marco Rubio (Florida) Tim Scott (South Carolina) and Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania).

In December of 2013 the Tea Party Express officially endorsed Lee's re-election bid in 2016.