National Headlines 11-12-14

Voter stupidity remark gives GOP new ammo on ObamaCare (The Hill)

Reid shakes down Dems to help Landrieu (Politico)

The liberal media’s not ready for Hillary (Politico)

Hugs, not tears, as Dems lick their wounds (The Hill)

Report: Obama immigration plan expected next week (The Hill)

Mike Huckabee gets suddenly presidential (Washington Times)

Keystone on the move in Congress (Politico)

No Muslim holiday on Montgomery County school calendar isn’t fair or ‘PC’ (Washington Post)

Supreme Court Considers Voting-Rights Case (Wall Street Journal)

Aides say Christie won’t resign early if he runs in ’16 (USA Today)

NOAA Confirms Cyberattack ‘in Recent Weeks’ (NBC News)