National Headlines 11-13-14

Has Gruber-gate resurrected Obamacare as a front-rank issue? (Christian Science Monitor)

Pelosi calls out media for sexism (Politico)

David Axelrod: Hillary Clinton needs a rationale for W.H. run (Politico)

Obama plans to shield up to 5 million immigrants from deportation (Reuters)

GOP votes McConnell to lead Senate; Dems elevate Warren (USA Today)

Can this Man Secure the Republican Senate Majority? (Bloomberg)

Brown Family Urges Police, Protester Restraint (Associated Press)

Series of Secret Service Blunders Eased Way for White House Intruder (New York Times)

Budget deficit higher in October than a year ago (The Hill)

Arkansas Governor to Pardon Son in 2003 Drug Offense (New York Times)

Democratic Sen. Begich still won’t concede Alaska race, after rival declared winner (FOX News)