Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: What to Expect from a Republican-Controlled Congress

Now that the GOP is set to take control of both houses of Congress come January, what can we expect for the next two years?

Our UtahPolicy.com/KSL "Political Insiders" seem to think there will be more cooperation between Congress and President Obama, which should lead to progress on thorny issues like immigration.

Our panel also thinks gridlock and fighting between the president will continue, but Republicans expect conflict between conservatives and moderates will lead to more gridlock in the next Congress.


Selected anonymous comments:

"As long as certain members of Congress continue to believe that 'compromise' really means 'capitulate,' we're not likely to see much change."


"Republicans will do anything to make the President look bad in hopes that they can capture the White House in 2016. Cruz, Lee and other extremist tea party Republicans will attempt to block any progress or compromise."



"The GOP needs to get off the 'repeal Obamacare' platform or there will be a swing in two years and they can start practicing their 'President Clinton' remarks again."



"I am hopeful that the president will be willing to compromise for the good of our country. If he is not willing to compromise, I hope that voters recognize where to put the blame and elect a Republican president as a result of Obama's unwillingness to do what is right."



"The Republican Party is too extreme to want to compromise on things like immigration and tax policy. Instead of blaming the Senate for all of their legislative woes expect Obama to become a frequent punching bag on why Washington can't get anything done."



"Many of us would PREFER gridlock to having leftist policies implemented by Democrats and gutless Republicans. Bring on the gridlock. We're better off with it."



"Controlling both houses could be a big problem for the Republican Party. If they spend their time sending bogus bills to Obama just to force him to veto them, I think the public will see through it quickly and the backlash could hurt the party for years to come. They are playing with fire and no longer have uncooperative Democrats to blame. I wish I had more confidence that the Republicans will step up work across the aisle for the good of the country instead of playing the party politics games. I wish I had more confidence."



"The infernal 'Tea Party' will keep the pot boiling so that no compromises (the real power in a Democracy) can happen. Stalemate!"



"I guess I'm hopeful but not optimistic. We're in a vicious cycle, and these cycles can be self perpetuating until some outside shock wakes the partisans up to bigger needs outside of their petty interests."



"The most concerning aspect, and the one we will have to wait and see, is to what degree the conservative wing of the party tries to take over. I think that honestly, especially when you look at the Senate, that their impact has been minimized."



"The Republican party only has 1 thing holding it together: an abstract hatred of Obama. They can't work together with him or their party will fall apart. Congress will continue to be dysfunctional until Republicans can find something else to agree on."