Local Headlines 11-16-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Rolly: Swallow probe may have saved the new House speaker’s career

Op-ed: Hatch’s Employee Rights Act keeps unions politically honest

Editorial: Raising Utah speed limit is not without cost

Editorial: Lee should not push another shutdown

Rolly: Beware, party faithful, Utah County GOP targeting ‘apostates’

Utah set to bump speed limit on urban freeways to 70 mph

Advice for Rep.-elect Mia Love: Don’t leg wrestle Stephen Colbert

Becoming American: The story of Mia Love’s Haitian parents

Mike Lee: GOP stands ready to respond to Obama executive actions on immigration

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Post elections: Can leadership team make real progress?

John Florez: No separation of powers in Utah when it comes to education

A. Scott Anderson: Big opportunities ahead for political leaders in Washington and Utah

Chris Herrod: Amnesty is not as simple as Republicans think

Editorial: A Supreme missed opportunity on helping define marriage

GOP delegates elect Highland man to replace Sen. John Valentine

4 reasons why Utah does small cities well

So just what is it that makes Utah tops for business?

Romney, Lee take to the airwaves to take on Obama


Connor Boyack: Election Day has little effect on big picture (Daily Herald)