Sen. Robles is Now Sen. Escamilla

“It’s a question of branding,” joked state Sen. Luz Robles, D-Salt Lake.

Actually, it is no longer Sen. Robles.

It is Sen. Escamilla.

After running for the 2nd Congressional District with her maiden name – Robles – and losing to incumbent GOP Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, Robles decided to take her new husband’s name. (She was Robles on the ballot and in her campaign material.)

She became engaged during the 2014 Legislature – he proposed to a surprised Robles on the Senate floor.

Soon she was expecting and has delivered a new baby (a girl named Sol), as well.

“Get married, run for Congress, have a baby, change your name – clearly (this year) brought a lot of change,” she joked to UtahPolicy just before Tuesday afternoon’s Executive Appropriations Committee, upon which she sits.

So, if you are looking up new bills for the 2015 Legislature on the state’s award-winning legislative web page, and you see a L. Escamilla, you didn’t miss a new Hispanic senator being elected in November.

You just have a new brand name.