National Headlines 11-20-14

Obama moves to give legal status to 5 million illegal immigrants (The Hill)

ObamaCare total was inflated, GOP finds (The Hill)

Irked progressives break Obama embargo (The Hill)

GOP’s 2016 contenders blast Obama (The Hill)

Republicans Split on How to Block Obama’s Immigration Order (Bloomberg)

Ferguson awaits grand jury outcome after police arrest protesters (Reuters)

Jeb Bush doubles down on Common Core, risking conservative ire (Washington Times)

Ex-Senator Jim Webb Explores Presidential Candidacy (New York Times)

No Headway Is Made on C.I.A. Torture Report (New York Times)

NSA director admits U.S. power grid is not safe from Chinese hackers (State Column)

Brittany Maynard calls for more people to be allowed the right to die in posthumous message (Telegraph)