National Headlines 12-3-14

Hillary hesitates (Politico)

Reinventing Jeb Bush (Politico)

White House dodges on veto of Boehner plan (The Hill)

Cruz urges GOP to ‘stand up’ to Obama on immigration orders (The Hill)

Supreme Court Wrestles With Job Protections for Pregnant Workers (NBC News)

States Sue Federal Government Over Immigration Policy (Bloomberg)

Ben Carson: Political phenomenon (CNN)

Senator Harkin creates stir over Affordable Care Act (Quad City Times)

Critics question why Rolling Stone reporter did not contact men accused of UVA gang rape (PBS News)

Kurtz: Why Does Media Cover ‘Obscure’ GOP Staffer But Not Gruber’s Obamacare Comments? (Daily Caller)

Louisiana Senate Runoff Leads to Last-Minute Donations (TIME)