National Headlines 12-8-14

Will Jonathan Gruber Topple Obamacare? (Politico)

Massive funding bill kicks off 113th Congress’ final chapter (Politico)

Will GOP donors clear field for Romney, Bush or Christie? (The Hill)

GOP lawmaker to grill CMS chief on surprise ObamaCare tax bills (The Hill)

For 2016, who will jump in first? (The Hill)

Prince William sits in Oval Office, chats about George (USA Today)

Obama’s ‘Ebola czar’ to leave in March (USA Today)

New York prosecutor seeks to probe police killings of unarmed civilians (Reuters)

CIA torture report sparks controversy before release (USA Today)

DOJ rolls out expanded racial profiling rules (The Hill)

N.J. Republicans Seek End to Democrat-Led Bridge Probe (Bloomberg)