National Headlines 12-9-14

Obama health adviser apologizes for ‘glib’ remarks (Daily Mail)

Jonathan Gruber Apologizes As Darrell Issa Asks ‘Are You Stupid?’ In Latest Obamacare Flap (International Business Times)

Senators: Don’t let Rolling Stone article get in way of fixing ‘broken’ system (Politico)

Can the Left Launch Its Own Tea Party? (Politico)

Dems push to revive failed gun control legislation (The Hill)

Senate report: CIA engaged in torture, misled Bush White House (The Hill)

Spies fire back at ‘biased, inaccurate, and destructive’ report (The Hill)

Another California freeway shut down as ‘Week of Outrage’ gets under way (CNN)

IG: Billions lost to potential child tax credit fraud (Politico)

U.S. top court rejects worker pay for security-screening time (Reuters) prepares $1m push for Warren presidential run (Boston Globe)