National Headlines 12-10-14

Michael Hayden Is Not Sorry (Politico)

Budget winners? Boy Scouts. Budget losers? Michelle Obama. (Politico)

Hagel: ‘Hope is not a strategy’ (The Hill)

White House criticizes terrorism bill, but stops short of veto threat (The Hill)

Left revolts over funding bill (The Hill)

Liberals and Conservatives Gripe About $1.1T Bill (Associated Press)

CIA is fighting back after the torture report (Associated Press)

Torture Report Already Endangering U.S. Interests (U.S. News & World Report)

Psychologist Linked to CIA Torture: ‘I’m Caught in Some Kafka Novel’ (Bloomberg)

House Benghazi Probe Likely to Be Narrowed (Associated Press)

President Obama to announce $1 billion in funding for preschool (Christian Science Monitor)