Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Healthy Utah’s Chances

Gov. Gary Herbert has revealed his Healthy Utah alternative to Medicaid expansion. Now Utah lawmakers get their crack at the plan.

Our "Political Insiders" think there's hardly any chance Healthy Utah will pass the legislature during the 2015 session as-is.

Half of the Democrats on our panel as well as our readers think the plan will pass the legislature with just minor changes.

16% of our Republican Insiders and 21% of our Democratic Insiders think Healthy Utah will not pass the legislature at all.



Selected anonymous comments:


"This governor has lost all ability to lead and the legislature will continue to ignore him."

"The legislature will bloviate a lot about how flawed the Governor's bill is, realize around about day 30 of the session that they have no workable alternative, make some very minor changes to the Healthy Utah plan and re-name it, and then claim victory and start planning photo opps with disadvantaged Utahns to whom they have brought "relief" in all of their wisdom and righteousness."

"A vote for Healthy Utah is a vote for a tax increase. It has no chance."

"Healthcare for the poors? RELEASE THE HOUNDS!"

"I hope and pray it will pass. So bad for us to waste the federal matching funds, so bad for poor people not to have health care, so bad for state spending to let people get really sick before helping them instead of spending a little bit on preventive care."

"The ultra-conservative wing, which doesn't like the Governor or his plan, will make this priority number 1. They will derail it at all costs."

"There's no good choice but the governor's plan is the best option. Ultimately, both the governor and the Legislature will address the issue in a way they can both win."

"The legislature will be risk averse on this one, the recent economic collapse combined with the projected future expense will prevent this from advancing."

"It will not pass. Governor Herbert has miscalculated on this one and will end up like Speaker Lockhart and her ed tech plan."

"Unsustainable spending is… well… Unsustainable."